Monday, August 30, 2010


      Hi folks, in this first post I will introduce myself and where I plan to go with this blog. My name is Mabel and I'm a college student and I love movies! ( As you can probably already tell :P) I love watching all types of movies, discussing movies and reviewing them.
    A lot of my friends are not movie buffs like myself, so I thought creating a blog to share my love for movies with others was a great idea. I know a lot of great movies are coming out at the movie theaters, but I don't plan just to write about those. Aside from new movies, I will be writing about older movies, some very old , some not so old. I'm very buys with school, but I ALWAYS make time to get comfortable and watch a great movie, and of course to take a trip to my  nearest movie theater!
     I hope readers enjoy the blog, and I really would love to get comments about what you thought of a movie or what you thought about what I wrote and really get a great discussion going.
    Below is a picture taken by my great friend Angie ( isn't she a great photographer??) just so you can see the face behind the words. I'll be writing again very soon!