Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wit (2001)

Hi everyone! :)

It's been such a tiring day, with my 6am anatomy class and all. I will never get used to waking up that early. I should probably get a less annoying alarm, being abruptly kicked into consciousness is not a good start to anyone's day.Thankfully I'm home and able to write again.

I thought that my very first post should be about the last movie I've seen.I will be writing about a movie titled Wit , it's a television movie and was broadcast by HBO on 2001.

Here is the trailer, check it out! Warning: It's a pretty lame trailer, don't let it fool you, the movie was fantastic.

      As you saw in the trailer the movie is about a brilliant English professor who is diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. She embarks on a experimental chemo treatment for the cancer, and we get to watch her experiences in the hospital. I got recommended to watch Wit from a nurse, she told me that it was shown to her in a class about death and dying.I love medical dramas, so this movie was right up my alley.
     Now you may be saying to yourself that the movie looks sad and depressing. To that I say, yup it's sad, be ready to shed a tear or two, or a lot. However, I must add that there is a lot more to the story than just a sad account of a cancer patient. Much like Emma Thompson said in the trailer, the script was incredible. Her character's language was so sophisticated and very sarcastic at times. The way the movie is set up almost makes you forget your watching a movie, it feels like your really in there with the character and as she looks at the camera and talks to you. That really helps the viewer connect to her even if shes not the warmest person.
     I specially enjoyed the part when she's remembering a moment from her past and the past and the present blend, you get to see her in the present with her hospital gown teaching one of her past lectures about her favorite poet John Donne. I thought that was such a cool and clever technique, really enjoyed it.

Here is a clip that really shows all that: Her sophisticated language, the connection with the viewer and the blending of the past and present. Here she is remembering how her father got her started with her passion for words.

Random fact! That's Hugh Laurie's (House MD) daughter playing Vivian at age 5 :) Isn't she cute? 

    I also want to mention that I really liked the character of the nurse in the movie, she was very compassionate but strong and cool headed, everything a good nurse needs to be. Of course I'm always paying close attention to nurses in movies, for I want to be one. 

Here is a picture of me in some scrubs, what do you think? Good thing they are comfortable cause it's such a hard job.

Well that concludes my post on the movie Wit, I hope if you are interested you go ahead and see it :)
If you've already seen it , what did you think of it?

Be back again soon,



  1. I know you told me to see this movie and I haven't really been able to get around to it. I will tell you that I have seen this actress in another movie... I forget which one. But I really like her and see her fitting the part as you described well enough. I'll make sure to drop my thoughts on the movie when I do see it.

    You look great in the scrubs, and you'll make an even greater nurse Mabel make sure not to doubt yourself!

  2. Sound very interesting, thanks for recommending it :)

    And the scrubs looks amazing on you :)

    keep writing!