Friday, October 1, 2010

Cuba: The Accidental Eden PBS episode

Hi everyone, I know it's been so long since I last wrote :(  , I finally got some exams over with so I have some free time again to write.

I want to write about this amazing episode of the PBS show Nature titled Cuba: Accidental Eden.

A Cuban Toby.


I saw the episode on On Demand, and I HAD to watch it. I was born in Cuba, but left when I was very little so never had the chance to explore the beautiful nature of Cuba. It hurts many of us to know of what the people of Cuba go through on a daily basis, but this shows how they are at least blessed with such amazing unspoiled nature and wildlife.

Here is a preview:

The show calls Cuba " The Jewel of the Caribbean" I couldn't agree more!

I was specially impressed by the Cuba biologists and marine biologists who make an effort to research and conserve with the little they have. You will see in the episode a man who has made it his life's mission to safely hatch green turtle eggs and safely get them back in the ocean. 

Here is a picture of a baby green turtle which will be released into ocean.
Picture from
I really recommend everyone to watch! Don't think about politics, as the show doesn't get into it much. Its about how beautiful nature is when it's healthy and unspoiled, and how it's something we are all missing out on with the little concern we put into the environment.

You can watch the full episode at Here is the link:

I hope you enjoyed :) And if you watch the documentary let me know what you thought of it.



  1. I'm going to watch this as soon as I can. I love nature and especially Cuban nature. When I went there on vacation with my family I remember seeing some of the most beautiful views I've ever laid my eyes on.

    Thank you for the recommendation :)

  2. Yeah, if there is one thing the Cuban government has done right over the years it is preserve their environment. They have been extremely over protective of it, and it is a good thing. I can't wait to get a chance to back to my roots and see the island for myself and I'm glad they have done a great job of keeping it nice.

    I will definitely give this a watch ASAP and let you know my thoughts. Finally my tests have died down for now so I will have time to catch up on all these recommendations. :P

  3. Oh an to clarify not so much the government itself but as you said the marine biologist and biologist as well as other nature officials. The government has poured a lot of money into these branches in order to preserve the environment. Mainly because the government has been concerned with keeping Cuba a paradise on Earth. This is one reason I wouldn't want the US to get a hold of Cuba, because of the increased import and export that will be done, a lot of the island will be damaged not to mention the influx of tourist, the US isn't the best with preserving nature as evidenced by many of our national parks (The Everglades being a perfect example). I want to see Cuba under a free government but on it's own two feet, or if the US does take Cuba one day I honestly hope they do a good job of maintaining it's beauty more then other areas.